You can’t keep yourself away from many interesting activities in Mauritius. There are plenty of water sports to get busy with. Many tours to explore the island. Or different activities to discover the underwater world.

No matter if you stay in the north, south, east or west of the island, you’ll always find something to do in Mauritius!


This island is surrounded by reefs that forms perfect lagoons and waves for kitesurfers. During the winter period (May – October) is when constant winds are blowing from 15 to 30knots, this playground becomes the ultimate destination for kite freestyle and wave enthusiasts.

Kitespot in Mauritius


The surf conditions for experts are around One Eye or Manawa. But passing the Tamarin, all levels can enjoy a sand bottom and the longest waves you can imagine.


Windsurfing is possible almost all over Mauritius. The only area where conditions are not favorable is the South and in some lagoons where it may be too shallow to windsurf during low tides. Winds blow all year, but the ideal wind and climate conditions for windsurfing occur during the winter months from May to October.


A genuine way to leisurely explore Mauritius is with a kayak. The tropical conditions of the island, including sheltered bays, make paddling easy and a whole lot of fun. Equipment is available at most major hotels and resorts.

Other activities like kayaking in Mauritius

Stand Up Paddle

When there is no wind for kiting or windsurfing, stand up paddling is a great alternative. It can be very relaxing in flat water or very exciting when you can surf waves.

Some more water activities like

  • Jet ski / Sea karting
  • Snorkeling – The simple action of breathing through a tube that that sticks out of the water while you observe the beauty that is under the water with exotic and colorful marine life. It is an extraordinary experience

Other activities like snorkelling in Mauritius

  • Parasailing – For those who cannot take a quiet suntan on the beach. You will be rewarded by a breathtaking bird’s eye view of sea and its beautiful underwater seascapes

Other activities like parasailing in Mauritius

  • Undersea walk – This unique and exciting walk draws tourists from all over the world.
    You walk on the ocean floor in weighted boots and with a transparent dome on your head
  • Submarine safari – Diving in a semi submarine, you will visit all sorts of interesting sights. From a shipwreck to beautiful coral reefs
  • Deep sea fishing – Great experience, fishing in the deep waters of the Indian Ocean. Possible catches: Yellow-fin Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish, Bonito, some sharks species
  • Catamaran trips – Mauritius offers a pleasant and relatively stable climatic condition to allow good navigation conditions throughout the year
  • Glass bottom boat – Enjoying a glass bottom boat trip is a fantastic experience for the whole family


One great way to discover Mauritius is on foot. The island has a number of beautiful nature retreats that offer great hiking opportunities. For example, The Black River National Park in the southern west area, offers 65000 hectare of rare forest with 150 plant species and nine bird species found only on the Mauritian island.


With more than a dozen courses squeezed on to this tiny island, eight of them for championships, golf is a major attraction and business in Mauritius.

Horse Riding

Cool early morning or late afternoon makes the perfect time for a ride on a horse along the beach with the most beautiful views.

Trekking / Mountain Climbing

On Mauritius Mountains, you can enjoy from a challenging climb to less challenging with a variety of landscapes, impressive fauna and flora and panoramic 360 degree views.


A particularly popular destination for abseiling is the Black River Gorges, which consist of climbing all the way up to the Machabe Forest, walking down again partly on foot, and then abseiling the rest of the way down to the waterfalls. Just make sure that you have a qualified guide to assist you the entire way.

Find more activities like abseiling in Mauritius

Quad Biking

With the wind ruffling through your hair and the nature just in a couple centimeters, it is a great way to explore the remotest places with the thrill of a quad biking.


The traditional art of archery can be practiced at a number of hotels and resorts in Mauritius.

Mountain Biking

Several hotels and resorts offer mountain bikes for rent, and these are generally for quiet rides. To really experience the interesting terrain of the island opt for guided tours. The beautiful landscape through lush vegetation and sightings of animals such as wild monkeys and bats in the area make this activity very popular.

Helicopter ride

The perfect way to get a better view of the island and have the best panoramic pictures is taking a helicopter trip.

Rum Distillery

If you are interested in knowing how the rum is made and seeing the machines in operation. A visit to the Chamarel Distillery would be a good idea. You will have a tour guided at the distillery and then, rum tasting. Whenever you understand English or French, it will be interesting, otherwise, the price is quite high for what you actually see.

Tourist places to visit in Mauritius such as the Distillery of Chamarel
Tourist places to visit in Mauritius such as the Distillery of Chamarel

You can do many tours around the island and always find beautiful Flora and Fauna

  • Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden in Mauritius

  • Rochester Waterfalls

Rochester Falls in Mauritius

  • Chamarel / Waterfalls

Chamarel Waterfalls in Mauritius

  • Aldabra giant tortoises

Aldabra giant tortoise in Mauritius

  • Fruit bats from Mauritius

Fruit bats from Mauritius

  • Earth of the 7 colors

Earth of the 7 colors

Escape to Rodrigues

Less than 2 hours away is this island that is part of Mauritius but has its own personality. It enjoys an even more relaxed atmosphere and spectacular riding conditions. For those who have a little bit more time, spend some nights on this island will for sure enrich the trip.

Kitesurfing in Rodrigues

Visit Reunion

Known as Rebel Island with volcanoes erupting, cyclones, sharks and giant waves. It is a French island which is about 45 minutes by plane from Mauritius. But the wind conditions for riding are perfect, this is other fabulous island for those who have a little bit more time that will enrich the trip.

Tours and activities in Mauritius, Reunion island for kitesurfing


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