In this town you will never get bored! Tarifa is the perfect place for a lot of outdoor sports. You can enjoy natural parks, dancing classes, trekking, whale watching, landsailing, diving, different tours in town, or visit Morocco.


This sport has gained much popularity in the last years. Thanks to the spacious beaches and the diverse winds that blows in Tarifa, you will have many kitespots to choose from. All levels are welcome and depending on the wind, your level or style, one or the other will be the best kitespot to ride on your holidays.

There are many kiteschools to start or learn new tricks. You will find them in this post.

Activities like kitesurfing in Tarifa At the same time, you will run into hundreds of kiteshops by walking through the streets of Tarifa. There you can find all you need for practicing the sport. Check them out here.

Some of the most popular kitespots of Tarifa are

You can find more detailed list of kitespots in Tarifa here.


In Tarifa it is almost always windy. It has wide beaches, warm weather and a great atmosphere that makes this place perfect to practice this sport.
Although you can windsurf all year, in the summer months (July and August) the beaches are quite overcrowded and you can have some traffic while riding.

Windsurfing and more activities in Tarifa

Horse riding

Why not to do a horse ride? The weather conditions are ideal throughout the year. Winds are quite frequent and make the ride very cool even in the summer. There are several stables that offer walks on the beach, the dunes, the natural park of the strait and many more routes.

Activities in Tarifa like horse riding


You have hundreds of trekking routes. With splendid panoramic views, natural parks and historical heritages. There is a variety of flora and fauna. You can choose from distances of  5 km to 100 km and difficulty from easy to expert.


Perfect activity when you do not want to be in the water. The “Loma de San Bartolo” is an area internationally known for climbers and has about 250 routes with different levels.

Activities in Tarifa like climbing


Thanks to the mountains and hills in and around Tarifa, you can choose from hundreds of different routes. While you have your lungs filled up with fresh air, you will run into unbeatable views of Cadiz and Morocco.


If you don’t want to ride on water, why not on land? On a cart with three wheels and a sail that moves driven only by the wind. Its like the sensation of sailing on the sea with a boat but on earth.


A strategic, intensive and super fun activity. You can enjoy it in groups with your friends and very near to Tarifa.

Paintball or other activities in Tarifa


Great opportunity to visit the surroundings of Tarifa in a different and fun way. Some companies offer guided tours and equipment for rent.


Around Tarifa, there are some of the most beautiful golf fields in Europe.


This is one of those activities that will take your breath away. From the sky, you will have the best panoramic view of the city. It may be the most fascinating experience of your live.

Activities in Tarifa like paragliding

A visit to Morocco

Even if you can see the African coast some days, those 14 km are quite far to swim. Many companies offers daily trips to Tangier departing from the port of Tarifa. They cross the Strait of Gibraltar in 35 minutes. It is great to walk around the traditional markets and eat their typical food.

Whale watching

The perfect place to see cetaceans is in the Straight of Gibraltar. It is the home of hundreds dolphins. It is the path of some whales to mate and it is the place to feed for killer whales. Therefore you will find several companies with ships that offer whale watching. An unforgettable experience for the whole family.


Another way to keep in touch with the water is to make a guided tour in kayak around Tarifa. It is an amazing adventure!

Activities in Tarifa like kayaking


Here in Tarifa, two continents and two seas get together. This makes it a very special place for diving. The visibility is good, the water temperature is around 15 to 20°C. The average depth is about 15 m. You can explore a rich underwater flora and fauna.

Paddle (SUP)

When there is no wind for kiting or windsurfing, stand up paddling is a great alternative. It can be very relaxing in flat water or very exciting when you can surf waves.


The best places to surf in Spain are located between Tarifa and Cadiz. The big waves appear mostly in winter. Between autumn and spring the waves are cleaner. But this always varies depending on the wind direction.
In Tarifa, Balneario, Los Lances, Bolonia and especially Palmar are some spots where waves reach up to 4 meters hight.

Activities in Tarifa like surfing

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More information about Tarifa  

In this post about Tarifa, you will discover some information about all the spots for kitesurfing, where to do some party, kitesurf shops and a lot more.