It is a great and exciting spot for experienced kitesurfers. Make sure you know what are you doing when you ride with off shore Levante in Balneario because it is a small kite area with some dangers. Levante is normally very strong and you will ride with small kites. With some luck, you can also catch almost perfect waves here.

This kitespot is very close to Tarifas town center. It is the first beach on the Atlantic Ocean. It is located between the beach Los Lances and along the road that connects with the Isla de Las Palomas (Pigeon Island)

The map of BalnearioThis beach is an excellent reference point to know what is happening in the rest of the bay. If there is not fog, you can see almost until Las Dunas.

Distance from Tarifa
  • 0 km
Best time to go
  • The best months are between May and November
  • Fine and soft sand
  • Some rocks
  • Length: 1.200 m
  • Width: 120 m
Water temperature
  • Summer: 22 to 25 °C
  • Winter: 16 to 18 °C
East wind (Levante)
  • Off shore
  • Normally very strong
  • Not as gusty as in other kitespots
West wind (Poniente)
  • On shore
  • Constant
Kite size
  • Levante: 4 to 8 m²
  • Poniente: 9 to 15 m²
  • With Levante and some luck you can find perfect waves
Recommended level
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • There are two collections of rocks on the water that you can not see at high tide
  • With Levante it can be a very dangerous spot, as this wind blows off shore
  • If you leave the shelter of the island with Levante, you will run out of wind
  • Currents depending on wind direction
  • Due to the buildings close to the beach, the quality of Levante will drop rapidly when you kite too much to the right side
Additional infos
  • In summer, from the 15th June to 15th September, it is prohibited to kitesurf here. The beach is reserved for swimmers
Balnearios view from the bridge of the Isla de las Palomas
Balnearios view from the bridge of the Isla de las Palomas

Wind forecast  

Pros and cons in Balneario  

  High probability of wind
  Perfect waves with Levante
  Strong Levante coming in directly
  Wide beach to launch and land your kite
  On no wind days, lots of other activities
  Directly in Tarifa
  Webcams with view of the beach

  Off shore with Levante
  Small kite area
  Very overcrowded in high season (July and August)


Beach Balneario
Webcam Balneario

Kitespots near Balneario  

  • Playa Chica – With Levante, if you are experienced
  • Rio Jara – With Poniente for all levels, not so crowded spot
  • Agua and Waves – For all levels with Poniente or Levante with rescue boats
  • Valdevaqueros – Safest beach with Levante, good thermal wind, lots of events like world championship

Here you can find a complete list of the kitespots in Tarifa.

More infos about Balneario in Tarifa  

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