The mouth of the river is spectacularly flat but relatively narrow, ideal for the training of freestylers. This spot is recommended for more advanced kitesurfers.

Although it is not a very daily busy place by kitesurfers. Most people and/or groups start their downwinders here, first ride the river with flat water and then make their way into the sea towards the village of Cabarete or Playa Encuentro. Sometimes there is a heavy shorebreak.

Map of La Boca Yásica in Cabarete

Described by the riders as the perfect place to practice their tricks due to the incredible flat water and constant winds. The locals put up a kicker, so it’s a great place to see the crazy tricks (because of the heavy rains this year, maybe the water has taken everything)

  • It is located about 7 km east of Cabarete (against the wind)
  • You have to drive via Sabaneta, pass the petrol station and turn left into Camino del Sol. You will enter a residential area that is almost abandoned. Follow the road until you reach a junction (about 4 minutes by car from the start of the residential area). Take the left junction and continue till the end, there is a place to park, or continue along the beach to where you want to launch your kite. The road is not very stable and is very sandy at some points!
Best time to go
  • February and March. June, July, August and sometimes September
  • Although there is wind for kitesurfing all year round
  • Fine sand
  • You have the mouth of the river and open sea
Water temperature
  • In the river, water is usually a bit colder
  • Summer: 27 to 28 °C
  • Winter: 25 to 27 °C
  • Normally people don’t use wetsuits

In summer, the wind side shore is always present in Cabarete. Every day, the wind starts weak in the morning, it almost always blows sideways and enters from the right. At noon it is reinforced until it reach the 20 knots.

  • From June to September is the ideal time, you will have between 15 and 27 knots every day from 12:00 until the sun goes down
  • September to mid December and May are the worst of the year. From the middle of the month of December to April, the wind is not so strong but enough: between 13 and 17 knots
Kite size
  • Winter: 10 to 13 m²
  • Summer: 9 to 12 m²
  • The ocean here has many waves, but they are not very good
Recommended level
  • Intermediate (Know how to ride against the wind)
  • Expert
  • Lack of space: this spot is relatively narrow (3 – 4 riders at a time)
  • Surrounded by trees and shrubs, risk ending in them if you do not know how to sail against the wind
  • Strong currents
  • Submerged trees
  • Mangroves on the left side of the river
  • There is a restaurant that is normally open every day during the day. It is located on the other side of the river. There is a guy with a boat to take and bring people free of charge
  • You can park wherever you want. Before arriving at the beach there is a place where you can park in the shade
Additional infos
  • You can do a downwinder to Cabarete Bay, Kite Beach or Playa Encuentro about 10 km from Cabarete. Get some infos before with the locals. There are very strong currents, stones and obstacles along the way
  • According to locals, a shark has never been seen

Kitesurfing in La Boca Yásica, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Wind forecast  

Pros and cons in La Boca  

  Water completely flat
  The wind is usually strong and stable
  Wide beach to take off and land your kite
  In mornings when there is not much wind, many other activities can be done

  Este spot es pequeño, no es muy agradable si hay mucha gente
  Rodeado por árboles y arbustos

Kitespots near La Boca  

  • Bozo Beach or Cabarete Bay – Kitespot in the same village of Cabarete
  • Buen Hombre – “Secret place” with almost 10 km long with flat turquoise waters
  • Cabarete Kite Beach – This spot is about 2 km west of Cabarete and is famous for its strong winds and waves
  • Encuentro – About 4 km west of Cabarete, this beach is the most visited in the entire Caribbean thanks to its unbeatable conditions for the practice of water sports and its waves
  • Police station or Playa Ventosa – About 2 km east of Cabarete, perfect kitespot to ride alone
  • Las Salinas – About 87 km southwest of the capital Santo Domingo

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