The turquoise waters and flat of Good Man or Buen Hombre are waiting for you. Here, time has stopped and you can live in the Dominican rhythm while you meet fascinating people and breathtaking landscapes.

Buen Hombre is a small and quiet fishing village, located between Punta Rucia and Monte Cristi, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. You can relax, enjoy delicious fresh fish and above all learn kitesurfing or improve your skills.

Map of Buen Hombre in Dominican Republic

This village now known as a “secret kitesurfing spot” is hidden behind the hills. It is not that easy to get there but once you arrive to the place you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery, the local people and especially the flat water. There are not many people doing kitesurfing here.

  • It is located about 160 km west of Cabarete (3 hours by car)
Best time to go
  • You can go kitesurfing all year around
  • The best months are between Februar, March and from June to August and sometimes September
  • Fine sand
Water temperature
  • Summer: 27 to 28 °C
  • Winter: 25 to 27 °C
  • No neopren needed
  • Most of the days the wind enters lateral, with thermal winds around 12:30, being stronger as at 4 pm. Buen Hombre is also windy about 300 days a year, so if there is no wind in Cabarete, coming to this village is the best option you will have
  • In Buen Hombre, the wind is always about 5 knots stronger than in Cabarete
Kite size
  • 9 to 12 m²
  • Not known for its waves
Recommended level
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Currents
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • The showers are private, but you can always ask
  • There are kiteschools directly on the beach (you can also rent and store material)
Additional infos
  • You can do a downwinder (ask the schools)
  • According to locals, a shark has never been seen

Kiteschool in the kitespot Buen Hombre, Dominican Republic

Wind forecast  

Pros and cons in Buen Hombre  

  There is a high probability of wind after noon
  The wind is usually strong and stable
  Wide beach to take off and land your kite
  In the mornings when there is not much wind, many other activities can be done

    It’s a bit out of the way (you need a car or motorbike to get there)

Kitespots near Buen Hombre

  • Bozo Beach or Cabarete Bay – Kitespot in the same village of Cabarete
  • Cayos Siete Hermanos
  • Encuentro – About 4 km west of Cabarete, this beach is the most visited in the entire Caribbean thanks to its unbeatable conditions for the practice of water sports and its waves
  • Estación de policía o Playa Ventosa – A unos 2 km al este de Cabarete, perfecto kitespot para navegar solo
  • La Boca  – About 7 km east of Cabarete, the river is a well-liked place for freestylers
  • Playa Dorada

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More information about Dominican Republic  

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