Cabarete is known for its tourism and beaches. It has been the place of professional kitesurfing competitions such as the World Cup and Master of the Ocean (sporting event unique in the world, it covers the four disciplines: surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding)

Cabarete apart from being one of the best destinations for kitesurfing, is perfect for a relaxed vacation or days and nights full of party and rumba with good music and rum.

If you are not a kiter yet, but would like to learn this great sport, you will find more information here about the kiteschools that are in Cabarete and other kitespots.

El mapa de Cabarete

The area of ​​Cabarete altogether is the longest and windiest beach in the Dominican Republic. It begins in Playa Encuentro, the wave spot and ends in La Boca, the mouth of the Yásica river. There are many kitespots all along the north coast for advanced kitesurfers and also for those who wish to learn with one of the kiteschools.

Cabarete Bay can essentially be split up into 3 areas. Considered a mix of skim board, windsurfing and kiteboarding zones.
Standing in the middle of the bay and facing the water, the right part is the windsurfing zone (Cabarete Beach), the left side is the kitesurfing zone (Bozo Beach) and a small extension after Bozo Beach, has turned into a nice little place to bust out the skim board (Punta Goleta)

Best time to go
  • February and March. June, July, August and sometimes September
  • Although there is wind for kitesurfing all year round
  • Fine sand
Water temperature
  • Summer: 27 to 28 °C
  • Winter: 25 to 27 °C

In summer, the wind side shore is always present in Cabarete. Every day, the wind starts weak in the morning, making the bay an exceptional place for those who want to learn. It almost always blows sideways and enters from the right. At noon it is reinforced until it reach the 20 knots.

  • From June to September is the ideal time, you will have between 15 and 27 knots every day from 12:00 until the sun goes down
  • September to mid December and May are the worst of the year. From the middle of the month of December to April, the wind is not so strong but enough: between 13 and 17 knots
Kite size
  • 8 to 12 m²
  • Not known for its waves
  • If you go to the reef, the quality of the waves improves
  • Kite Beach has better waves
Recommended level
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • You will share the beach with windsurfers and bathers
  • Beware of the boogey people who jump to show off on the shore, not always in control of their kite or their tricks
  • Many people walking and selling. Do not leave your valuables alone on the beach
  • Strong currents
  • Be careful on the downwind side of the bay (just above Kite Beach) as its shallow reef
Additional infos
  • You can do a downwinder to Encuentro

Playa Cabarete Bozo o Cabarete Bay, kitespot en República Dominicana

Wind forecast  

Pros and cons in Cabarete, playa Bozo  

  There is a high probability of wind after noon
  Wide beach to start and land your kite
  Inside the reef, there is usually flat water
  Without wind, you can do many other activities

  The wind can be gusty
  This area can get very crowded

Kitespots near Cabarete Bozo  

  • Buen Hombre – “Secret place” with almost 10 km long with flat turquoise waters
  • Cabarete Kite Beach – This area is about 2 km west of Cabarete and is famous for its strong winds and its waves
  • Encuentro – About 4 km west of Cabarete, this beach is the most visited of all the Caribbean thanks to its unbeatable conditions for those who like the waves
  • Police Station or Playa Ventosa –  About 2 km east of Cabarete, perfect kitespot to ride alone
  • La Boca – About 7 km east of Cabarete, the river is a well-liked place for freestylers

Here you can find a complete list of the kitespots in Dominican Republic

More infos about Dominican Republic  

In this post about Dominican Republic, you will discover some information about how to get to the country, all the spots for kitesurfing, you will find alternative activities, shops and a lot more.

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Bozo Beach or Cabarete Bay, kitespot in Dominican Republic