Kite Beach is probably the best known place in Cabarete. This beach is only for kitesurfers and if you like flat water you have to try it.

This is the place where kiteboarding was born in Cabarete. It is a 20 minute walk to the main beach of Bozo Beach or just taking a taxi or “moto concho” if you want to go faster and more comfortable.

Being the most popular kitespot in the Dominican Republic, most people do kitesurfing here, and especially in the summer it gets very crowded. But to tell you the truth, some countries in Europe are usually much more crowded with kiters.

The map of Kite Beach in Cabarete

It is the perfect place to learn because inside the reef, the water is quite flat. There are some kiteschools that have agreements on the method of teaching and maintenance of the beach as well as safety against accidents. All the schools are very professional and have worked there for some time so they have a lot of experience.

For the more experienced, if you go to the reef you will find very good waves, and if you ride a little with the wind towards Playa Encuentro or against the wind towards the reef of Bozo, you will find the space you need.

  • It is located about 2 km west of Cabarete
Best time to go
  • You can do kitesurfing all year round
  • The best months are between February and March and June to August and sometimes September
  • Fine sand
  • The first 100 meters are flat water, then not very deep is the reef
  • In summer (July and August) the beach gets quite small due to seasonal erosion. Be careful with the landing of the kite
Water temperature
  • Summer: 27 to 28 °C
  • Winter: 25 to 27 °C
  • No need of wetsuits

In summer, the wind side shore is always present in Cabarete. Every day, the wind starts weak in the morning, making the bay an exceptional place for those who want to learn. It blows almost always sideways and get in from the right. At noon it is reinforced until settling on the 20 – 30 knots.

  • From June to September is the ideal time, you will have at your disposal between 15 and 27 knots every day from 12:00 until the sun goes down
  • September to mid December and May are the worst of the year. From the middle of December to April the wind is not so strong but enough: between 13 and 17 knots
Kite size
  • Winter: 10 to 13 m²
  • Summer: 9 to 12 m²
  • On the reef you can get good waves
  • The waves are generally bigger in the winter months
Recommended level
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Beware of those who wants to show off on the shore, are not always in control of their kite or their tricks
  • There may be a lot of people inside the reef
  • The reef is shallow with sea urchins and fire corals that are quite unpleasant if you touch them
  • Strong currents
  • Many people walking and selling. Do not leave valuables alone on the beach
Additional infos
  • You can do a downwinder to Playa Encuentro, about 10 km from Cabarete
  • It is not allowed to do kitesurfing very close to the shore and if you want to show your tricks, you can do it at a minimum distance of 40 meters from the coast
  • According to locals, a shark has never been seen

Kite Club Cabarete, in Kite Beach, Dominican Republic

Wind forecast  

Pros and cons in Cabarete Kite Beach  

  High probability of wind after noon
  The wind is usually strong and stable
  Wide beach to launch and land your kite
  In the mornings when there is not much wind, many other activities can be done
  Webcams with view of the beach

  This spot gets very overcrowded


Kitespots near Kite Beach  

  • Buen Hombre – “Secret place” with almost 10 km long with flat turquoise waters
  • Cabarete Bozo o Bay – Kitespot en el mismo pueblo de Cabarete
  • Encuentro – About 4 km west of Cabarete, this beach is the most visited of all the Caribbean thanks to its unbeatable conditions for those who like the waves
  • Police Station or Playa Ventosa – About 2 km east of Cabarete, perfect kitespot to ride alone
  • La Boca – About 7 km east of Cabarete, the river is a well-liked place for freestylers

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More information about Dominican Republic  

In this post about Dominican Republic, you will discover some information about how to get to the country, all the spots for kitesurfing, you will find alternative activities, shops and a lot more.

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