Those who like to ride alone, can go out in those days of strong Levante, in Tarifa is very gusty and in Conil, the Levante wind does not come with so much force. Here the sea is more calm and only in winter you have strong swell.

The map of Conil de la Frontera
Río Salado which is located between Los Bateles Beach and Castilnovo Beach is the best place for kitesurfing in Conil.
Check out the individual posts about the kitespots in Tarifa for more info.

Distance from Tarifa
  • approx. 65 km (45 min drive via Cadiz)
Best time to go
  • The best months are between May and November
  • Fine sand and rocks in the water and sand
  • Length: 5.000 m
  • Width: 250 m
Water temperature
  • Summer: 22 to 25 °C
  • Winter: 16 to 18 °C
East wind (Levante)
  • Can get gusty
  • Usually is side off shore
  • It is not that strong like in Tarifa
West wind (Poniente)
  • Normally is constant
  • Side on shore
  • Time to time you can get termic wind, normally starts at 14:00. The wind is not so trong
Kite size
  • Levante: 7 to 9 m²
  • Poniente: 9 to 15 m²
  • Between October and May you can find good waves
  • With Levante you can get good waves
Recommended level
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Currents at the mouth of the river
Additional Information
  • In summer, from 15th June to 15th September you can do kitesurfing only on the left side of the lagoon (past the bridge)
  • It is a good spot to do a downwinder until El Palmar
  • With high tide, a lagoon of 300 meters with flat water is formed. Sometimes small waves. Perfect for beginners and freestylers (The lagoon is a nature reserve, and it is assumed that it is forbidden to do kitesurfing throughout the year)
Conil de la Frontera, kitespot near Tarifa
Conil de la Frontera, kitespot near Tarifa

Wind forecast

Pros and cons in Conil de la Frontera

 When is strong Levante in Tarifa, you have less wind in Conil
 Wind is normally more constant than in Tarifa
 Wide beach to launch and land your kite
 On no wind days, lots of other activities
 Webcams with view of the beach

 It is 45 min drive from Tarifa
 In high season this spot can get crowded (July and August)


Conil de la Frontera, kitespot near Tarifa
Conil de la Frontera, kitespot near Tarifa

Kitespots near Conil de la Frontera

  • Los Lances north or Arte Vida – Known for its nice waves
  • Caños de Meca – Known for its waves, 45 mins outside of Tarifa
  • Getares – When Levante blows heavily in Tarifa, in Getares you will have perfect on shore wind
  • Palmones – With heavy Levante in Tarifa, you can ride your 12 m² Kite in Palmones with on shore wind
  • El Palmar – Well known for its waves

Here you can find a complete list of the kitespots in Tarifa.

More infos about Tarifa and surroundings

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