Although this beach is more a surf spot, it is one of those places that you have to visit. Normally in Encuentro Beach, the conditions for riding are a little more extreme and you will find very few kitesurfers in the water.

Most of the days, you will find good waves on the reef. When the waves are very big, the place is more suitable for advanced kiters. Under normal conditions, if you have an intermediate level, you can also ride here.

Map of Encuentro Beach, Dominican Republic

  • It is located about 5 km west of Cabarete (wind direction)
  • Motoconchos know the place
Best time to go
  • February and March. June, July, August and sometimes September
  • Although there is wind for kitesurfing all year round
  • Fine sand
Water temperature
  • Summer: 27 to 28 °C
  • Winter: 25 to 27 °C
  • Normally people don’t use wetsuits

In summer, the side-wind is the predominant one. The wind starts weak in the morning, blows almost always lateral and enters from the right. In the afternoon, it is ideal for kitesurfing because the wind picks up and sets it above 20 knots.

  • From June to September is the ideal time, you will have between 15 and 27 knots every day from 12:00 until the sun goes down
  • September to mid December and May are the worst of the year. From the middle of the month of December to April, the wind is not so strong but enough: between 13 and 17 knots
Kite size
  • 8 to 12 m²
  • Winter is seen as “surfing season” as it is when is tend to have more North swells that bring bigger and cleaner waves with longer wave intervals
Recommended level
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Small place to launch and land your comet
  • The reef can be shallow in different places
  • The hedgehogs on the reef are unpleasant
  • Strong currents
  • When doing a downwinder, keep in mind that the wind in Encuentro is always 2 – 5 knots lighter
  • Surf schools (boards can also be rented)
  • The showers are private, but you can always ask yourself
  • There is a beach bar
Additional infos
  • You can do a downwind until Encuentro from Cabarete Bozo or Kite Beach
  • Passing the trees, you will discover a beautiful coastline and 7 spots with different breaks of distinctive waves: Mini Tavarua, Destructor, La Izquierda, La Derecha, Bobo Point, Coco Pipe and Outers. Take the opportunity to make friends and ask the locals about each break

Encuentro beach, Dominican Republic

Wind forecast  

Pros and cons in Encuentro  

  There is a high probability of wind after noon
  The quality of the waves is good
  Place to relax, lots of nature, little infrastructure
  Without wind, many other activities

  The wind can be gusty
  Many surfers in the water

Kitespots near de Encuentro  

  • Buen Hombre – “Secret place” with almost 10 km long with flat turquoise waters
  • Cabarete Kite Beach – This spot is about 2 km west of Cabarete and is famous for its strong winds and waves
  • Estación de policía or Playa Ventosa – About 2 km east of Cabarete, perfect kitespot to ride alone
  • La Boca – About 7 km east of Cabarete, the river is a well-liked place for freestylers
  • Las Terrenas or Portillo Beach – West of Samana

Here you can find a complete list of the kitespots in Dominican Republic

More information about Dominican Republic  

In this post about Dominican Republic, you will discover some information about how to get to the country, all the spots for kitesurfing, you will find alternative activities, shops and a lot more.

If you want to add some information about this kitespot or report a mistake Do not hesitate to get in contact 🙂

Kitespot Encuentro beach at sunset, Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Kitespot Encuentro beach at sunset, Cabarete, Dominican Republic