If you want to start kitesurfing, you have enough options for kiteschools to choose from in Dominican Republic. It will surely make your vacation much more exciting.

Many of the northern towns in the Dominican Republic have kiteschools that offer courses for all ages and for all levels.

You will find more kiteschools in the town of Sosua, Punta Cana, Buen Hombre, Puerto Plata, Cabarete, Las Terrenas.

Learn new kitesurfing tricks with kitesurf schools in Dominican Republic

Kiteschools in Dominican Republic  

If you have a time, walk around and ask about the packages and the prices they have. Surely you will find a school with which you will feel best to start. Many of the schools have teachers who speak Spanish, English, French, German and many more languages, you may find classes in your own language.

  • Active Caribe
  • Bavaro
  • Big Air
  • Buen Hombre
  • Cabarete Surf Camp
  • Dare2Fly
  • Fun Trips
  • Go Kite Cabarete
  • KBS Punta Cana
  • Kelvin Corniel
  • Kite Club Cabarete
  • Kite Club Punta Cana
  • Kite Pro Punta Cana
  • Kite XCite
  • Kiteology
  • Las Terrenas
  • Laurel Eastman
  • Method Lodge
  • No Work Team
  • Pro Kite Cabarete
  • The Kite Lounge

Here you can find a complete list of the kitespots in Dominican Republic where you can practice.

You didn’t find your kiteschool listed here or you want to promote it with a link and a description? Get in contact here 🙂

Some tips before you start  

  • Don’t forget to take a course before you get started. It is essential to know the basic principles and it’s for your safety and the safety of others
  • You should not try to ride with strong, gusty or off shore wind
  • Avoid obstacles and people when landing and launching your kite
  • Don’t ride alone
  • Avoid spots where there is no one kiting. It might have a reason
  • Ask locals about obstacles, currents and other dangers before riding in a new spot
  • Do not try to impress anyone but yourself
  • Test your quick release before every session and practice to use it
  • Think about emergency situations and how to react on them. Once in the water it might be too late

Important note
Some kiters don’t appreciate the danger of speed and force of a kite and its lines in the wind. Accidents happen and they can be fatal. Try to handle your kite with respect and always take care of the people and environment around you. Otherwise we will face much more restrictive rules for kitesurfing and its spots.

More information about Dominican Republic  

In this post about Dominican Republic, you will discover some information about how to get to the country, all the spots for kitesurfing, you will find alternative activities, shops and a lot more.