There are not many kiteshops and kiteschools in Thailand, but in this post you will find a list of them. Usually in the same shop you can do courses to get you started in kitesurfing.

Although Thailand is not known for its strong winds, in the months of January, February, April and May, you will find good winds for kitesurfing.

Usually kitesurf lessons are paid per hour, so make sure the instructor is good and has the IKO. Beware of inexperienced instructors – it will take them longer to teach (therefore, it is more expensive) and could put you in danger.

Kiteshops and Kiteschools in Thailand

Kiteshops and Kiteschools in Thailand     

  • Airstylers Kite School – Pranburi
  • Breeze – Koh Phangan
  • Kite Cable Thailand – Hua Hin
  • Kite Thailand – Pranburi (KBA Team)
  • Kiteflip –  Koh Phangan
  • KiteSurf Asia –  Koh Phangan
  • North Kiteboarding Club – Hua Hin
  • Surf house – Hua Hin
  • KBA – Kite Boarding School Asia – Chumphon – Hua Hin – Koh Samui – Kohphangan – Krabi – Pattaya – Phuket – Pranburi

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