Mauritius is one of the kitespots par excellence that every kitesurfer should try at least once in his life. Expect exotic spots of warm and transparent waters, with the best waves or if you prefer, lagoons with flat water and constant winds that do not stop.

Also known as Beach Island, it is located in the Indian Ocean, approximately 870 kilometers from the coast of Madagascar, which belongs to Africa and it is almost 4000 kilometers southwest of the Indian peninsula. Its beaches are of corals or very fine and white sands. Its waters have different shades of blue. They are very famous and have become one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world.

Kitespots of Mauritius

Mauritius is probably the most multicultural island in the Indian Ocean. There are descendants of people from South Asia, Africa, France, England, China and some other places.

Its beaches are the perfect place for all those who are looking for a quiet and relaxed holiday on the beach or a holiday with your board and your kite. It is practically surrounded by wonderful coral reefs, in which you will find an abundant and incomparable marine life.

Even if you do not do kitesurfing, this island is really worth visiting, the crystal clear waters, the exotic marine and terrestrial fauna and flora make this island a dream. The atmosphere is great, you have many activities and not time to get bored.

Tourists are there to enjoy and relax from the cold and stressful climate of Europe!

The map of Mauritius

Climate and temperature  

It is situated at the south of the equatorial line and therefore when in Europe is summer, in Mauritius is winter. Luckily the differences between the seasons are minimal and it has a relatively mild climate throughout the year.

The water temperature is around 25ºC, making neoprene unnecessary (although it is recommended a short one, a 2.2. More than everything to protect you, the sun is very strong).

The north and west of Mauritius are warmer and drier than the southern and eastern parts of the island.

MonthºC minimumºC maximumRainy daysºC waterDuration dayHumidity
January24ºC35ºC1727ºC13h 30m81%
March23ºC30ºC1928,ºC12h 30m82%
May23ºC27ºC1426ºC11h 20m82%


Between May and October is the preferred time by kitesurfers. The temperature is cooler and the prevailing winds are from the southeast. With a wind average of 20-25 knots, depending on the spots.

But don’t forget that it is a typical tropical climate with all that implies, the weather changes suddenly throughout the day. The sky can get very cloudy, it rains and the sun rise again.

Note: The Island is located in an area of cyclones that usually appear from December to April. In a normal season, there are a dozen cyclones that are identified in the Indian Ocean but few usually affect directly to Mauritius. When this happens, the risks are minimal and there is usually no personal injury or major damage, only trees and plants on the ground that will be cleaned quickly.

Wind forecast  


This island beside to be blessed with beautiful beaches, and warm currents of the Indian Ocean. It is the most ideal for kitesurfing because it is totally surrounded by coral reefs, which minimizes the activity of sharks.

Mauritius is now a kite surf destination where several international competitions are held every year. But not only the spots Manawa, One Eye or Le Morne works, there are also several kitespots that are not very popular because they are a bit hidden. Each of them has its peculiarities and some of them will be soon covered in various posts. Stay tuned!

Here you will find the most complete list of kitesurf spots in Mauritius:

  • Anse la Raie – You have some schools but a rock passage before you get to the water
  • Baie du Cap
  • Bain Boeuf – Only works with North Wind
  • Bel Ombre
  • Belle Mare
  • Blue Bay
  • Cap Malheureux – You can easily take advantage of almost all wind directions and have fun
  • Cemetery
  • Chameaux
  • Coco Beach
  • Grand Baie
  • Gris Gris – Really beautiful beach, but it is surrounded by rocks. Know your skills
  • Isle aux Cerfs – Near a small island where you can enjoy an amazing kite session. Only accessible by boat
  • Kuxville Beach
  • La Prairie
  • Le Morne kite beach – Windy during the entire winter, even when other spots are dead
  • Le Morne Lagoon – Shallow lagoon and a long and clear beach for beginners
  • Little Reef – With moderate waves
  • Manawa – For expert kitesurfers that like waves
  • Martello Tower
  • Melville
  • Mont Choisy
  • One Eye – Suitable for experts, big, hollow and perfect waves
  • Palmar – One of the nicest beaches of Mauritius
  • Palmeraie
  • Platin Rouge
  • Pointe d’Esny – Several downwind destinations
  • Pointe Jerome – Several downwind destinations
  • Poste Lafayette – Quiet and beautiful kitespot at the north of Mauritius
  • Reunion – Between May and November, the most use kite is the 7 m²
  • Riambel/Pomponnette
  • Roches Noires Public Beach and Private Beach
  • Rodrigues – Every year they have a nice kite festival
  • Telfair
  • Trou d’eau Douce

Pros and cons in Mauritius  

  High probability of wind during the months of May to October
  Different spots for kitesurfing and windsurfing
  The quality of the waves is very good
  Many lagoons
  The water stays with warm temperature all year round
  Without wind, many other activities can be done
  Relatively cheap

  Mauritius is a little far from other continents
  In winter gets dark very fast
  There are strong currents
  The seabed and the beach are full of corals
  Heavy showers and thunderstorms

Learn how to kitesurf  

In Mauritius there are not many schools to learn kitesurfing, but if you are in these part of the world and want to learn this wonderful sport, here is a list of kitesurf schools where you can start.

Learn to do kitesurfing like Mitu Monteiro, with kiteschools in Mauritius
Learn to do kitesurfing like Mitu Monteiro, with kiteschools in Mauritius

Where to find the kitesurf shops?  

You have to look a little bit around to find kiteshops on this island. For this reason, in this post you will find a list of kite surf shops in Mauritius.

Kiteshops in Mauritius
Kiteshops in Mauritius

Other activities  

Although Mauritius is a not very big island, it has a lot of different activities which you can enjoy when you want to get a little away from the water. For example, you can go hiking, golf, horse riding, kayaking, diving, paddle and many tours throughout the whole island.
Find more activities here to do.

Land of the 7 colors one of the tourist places in Mauritius.
Land of the 7 colors one of the tourist places in Mauritius.

Where you can find an accommodation in Mauritius?  

Mauritius is focused on the well-being of the tourists. It has many resorts and hotels to stay. Some bigger than others, some closer to kitespots and others have a spot already included.
Search for hotels and accommodations.

Hotel by the sea in Mauritius
Hotel by the sea in Mauritius

The best restaurants in Mauritius  

The great multiracial mix of Mauritius makes it a place with a rich and varied gastronomic offer. Indian, French and Chinese cuisine coincide with rice, chicken, fish and seafood as the basic ingredients.
Have a look to some of the best choices here.

Bodheguitta, restaurant in Mauritius
Bodheguitta, restaurant in Mauritius

Want to have a drink or party with friends?  

Mauritius is not well known for crazy parties, but like every good island, it has its bars and discos where you can spend the night until the sun rises.
Find the nearest bar or disco here.

Grand Baie, party in Mauritius.
Grand Baie, party in Mauritius.

Good to know  

  •   Always take care of your belongings, no matter where you are, people can be very kind, but you cannot trust
  • You can find reliable internet in almost all hotels, restaurants and cafes. When you are staying long term, make sure that your apartment or bungalow provides internet. Mobile plans are limited and expensive.
  • It is not possible to rent an apartment in a real estate agency for less than 3 months being a foreigner
  • Mauritius has a rather interesting history. In 1715, the island became a French colony, that’s why they adopted the French as main language. In 1810 it was an English colony, so many people speak or understand English and they drive on the left side. Also spoken are: Creole, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Chinese and Urdu
  • Time reference: GMT + 4
  • Religion: 52% Hindus, 28% Christians, 17% Muslims
  • Electricity: 220 volts CA, 50Hz. Three pin plugs are used (like in England)
  • The currency is the Mauritian rupee. Be sure to change the rupees before leaving the island, as they are not accepted in any other exchange house outside Mauritius

How to get to Mauritius?

The best way to get to Mauritius (and practically the only one) is by plane. The international airport is Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (SSR / MRU). It is located at the south of the island, 7 km from Mahébourg and 48 km from the capital Port Louis.

  Mobilize by car or taxi

Make sure you have a transfer from the airport to the hotel or resort where you are staying or already have a rental car. Taxis will charge you much more because they know you are a tourist and you have money.

Many of the resorts that are close to the kitespots have transfers. But if you decide to explore on the outskirts of the hotel. Try to hire a car for the whole day or rent a car, these last options will be cheaper than a one way taxi and then one back.

If you want to tour the island on your own and try different kitespots, renting a car is the most economical way. Just remember that there is a mixture of cultures that lead to chaos: it is driven on the left side, crazy way like in India, the roads are 1 lane only, the freeways have 3 lanes, they have almost no lighting and many cars or motorcycles do not use their lights at night.

If you decide to rent a car, you can do it at the best price using this search engine:

  Mobilize by bus

The ride by public bus can get a bit complicated. Although it is said that they always stops at the same time every day, there are no timetables and you cannot find the routes somewhere written, the stops in the street are not very clear and the local people do not know which bus you could take to get to your destination.

There are also train taxis. They are smaller vans witch always make the same journey, like a bus but faster (some of the driver speaks a little bit English).


Police999 or 112
Phone info150
Tourist info152
Sunset in Mauritius
Sunset in Mauritius