Punta Paloma is also known as Los Porros. It is located about 10 km from the city and is the last beach of the bay of Tarifa. Another of the best and safest kitespots when there is Levante wind, from the east.

It is one of those beaches where one goes and it is impossible not to take a photo. The sunsets are sensational and the view of Morocco is spectacular, at the end of this beach, a great sand dune is formed thanks to the constant winds. There is where you will end if you have any problems with the kite. After your session or if the wind goes down, you can still chill at the bars, with a cold beer and pleasant company, listen to good music and enjoy the great atmosphere until the sun goes down.

El mapa de Valdevaqueros

This spot is at the same beach of Valdevaqueros Spin Out or Tangana and Valdevaqueros beach. They have some differences and different entries. Find the other posts for more information about kitespots in Tarifa.

Distance from Tarifa
  • approx. 10 km
Best time to go
  • You can go kitesurfing all year around
  • The best months are between May and November
  • Fine sand and some small rocks
  • Length: 3.500 m
  • Width: 100 m
Water temperature
  • Summer: 22 to 25 °C
  • Winter: 16 to 18 °C
East wind (Levante)
  • Usually gusty
  • Side shore, side off
  • You end up at the dune at the end of the beach if you have any problems with your kite or can’t relaunch it
West wind (Poniente)
  • Normally gusty because of the dune
  • Side on shore
  • Better stay close to Tarifa town when the wind blows from the west
Kite size
  • Levante: 4 to 8 m²
  • Poniente: 9 to 15 m²
  • It is not known for its waves
  • On some minor Levante days you will get a nice, clean wave
  • With Poniente you can get some swell of 1 to 2 meters
Recommended level
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • There are some rocks in the water at the south of the spot (closer to Tarifa)
  • Respect the windsurfers and swimmer area to avoid accidents
  • Chiringuitos and restaurants with toilets
  • Parking close to the beach (in summer you have to pay for parking, but you will get a voucher for a drink)
  • Showers are private, but you can always ask
  • Kiteschools are close to this beach (they rent out equitment aswell)
Additional infos
  • Although you don’t find post signs, there are seperate areas for swimmers, schools, kiteboarders and windsurfers
  • On Poniente days, you can do a downwinder to Los Lances or Balneario (approx. 9 km)
  • In Summer, Thermal wind is quite nice and strong around 15 to 22 knots, no waves
Kitespot in Tarifa, Punta Paloma and Los Porros
Kitespot in Tarifa, Punta Paloma and Los Porros

Wind forecast

Pros and cons in Punta Paloma

 High probability of wind
 Wide beach to launch and land your kite
 On no wind days, lots of other activities
 You can get a public bus from Tarifa

 The wind can be very gusty
 In the summer season July and August, this spot gets very overcrowded

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