In Mauritius it is possible to taste rich, diverse and spicy dishes. It has a big kitchen influenced by other international cuisines. Find out where are the best restaurants in Mauritius.

The different cuisines that come together in Mauritius like the French, the Chinese or the Indian, make the dishes are much more varied and original.

Most of dishes stand out for their rich flavor and great aroma, thanks to the spices such as ginger, parsley, cilantro, tarragon, curry, cumin and clove, mixed with the basic ingredients like rice, chicken or fish.

Tropical fruits such as papaya, mango, coconut, pineapple, lychees and guava complete and refresh the varied gastronomy.

A samoussa dish at one of the restaurants in Mauritius
A samoussa dish at one of the restaurants in Mauritius

Restaurants in Mauritius

  • Beach Rouge (Belle Mare)
  • Escale Creole (Moka)
  • Pakbo (Flic en Flac)
  • Rib & Reef (Flic en Flac)
  • The Bay Restaurant (Rivière Noire)
  • Restaurant Amigo (Cap Malheureux)
  • Green Island Beach Restaurant (Trou d’eau Douce)
  • Chez Tino (Trou d’eau Douce)
  • 1974, da Antonio e Giulia (Trou aux Biches)
  • Restaurant The Beach (Le Morne)
  • Infinity Blue (Bel Ombre)
  • La Rougaille Creole (Grand Baie)
  • La Terrasse (Grand Baie)
  • La Pomme d’amour (Grand Baie)
  • Gourmet Grill Mauritius (Grand Baie)
  • The Beach House Restaurant & Beach Bar (Grand Baie)
  • Sauterelle (Grand Baie)
  • Dalon (Grand Baie)
  • Botteghita (Grand Baie)
  • Grill & Chill (Pereybere)
  • Camaron Rouge (Pereybere)
  • Seabell Restaurant (Poste Lafayette)
  • Phi Restaurant (Poste Lafayette)
  • La Maison d’Eté Restaurant (Roches Noire)
  • Le Barachois (Pointe de Flacq)
  • La Plage Restaurant (Palmar)
  • Les Palmiers Restaurant (Chamarel)
  • La Citronelle Bar-Restaurant (Chamarel)
  • Sirokan Restaurant (La Gaulette)
  • Le Marlin Bleu (Isla Rodrigues)

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Here are some of the most typical dishes:

  • Napolitain: It’s a sweet made up of two dough biscuits, filled with Chinese guava jam.
  • Rottis: It is like a bread made from wheat flour. Can be found in different varieties.
  • Dhal Puri: It is like a bread made with lentil flour, stuffed with a vegetable curry.
  • Gâteau-piment: Salty appetizer in the form of ring prepared with lentils and pepper.
  • Samoussa: Salty starter with triangular shape stuffed with meat, seafood, cheese or vegetables.
  • Rougaille: Dish made with different tomatoes from the islands which is known as “pommes d’amour” (apples of love). It has onions, ginger, garlic, peppers and aromatic herbs, accompanied by meat or fish.
  • Fish a la vindaye: Marinated fish served with a stir fry of vinegar, mustard, turmeric with garlic, onion, ginger and peppers. It is served cold and is often accompanied with rice.
  • Paratha: Handmade flour loaf, stuffed with various vegetables, meat or fish, served with several sauces. It’s like a pancake.
  • Mine frit: Dish best known for Chinese cuisine. They are sauteed noodles, which are cooked in a wok with soy sauce, meat and vegetables.
  • Biryani: With Indian influence and is made from basmati rice with spices accompanied by meat or fish. Always served with a cucumber salad.
A biryani dish in one of the restaurants in Mauritius
A biryani dish in one of the restaurants in Mauritius

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